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FTTH Price\speed increase

In response to the current market demand for higher entry level speeds for fibre broadband, Openserve have decided to remove their 4 Mbps service offering. As a result, they will be upgrading all your existing 4Mbps Fibre lines to 10Mbps.

Neotek will also be upgrading your 4Mbps Fibre line speeds to 10Mbps Free of charge from 1 November 2018.
This is great news, because it means that you will be getting more than double your line speed until the end of the year at no additional cost.
On 1 January 2019 new prices for the 10Mbps service will be effective
This means an increase from the end of December debit order run. (advance)

Unfortunately the price increase has been forced upon us by Openserve.

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