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(Month to month in advance on debit order with 30 days notice)

ADSL Premium Uncapped                        
Premium ADSL Uncapped 1Mbps       Monthly     R 191.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 2Mbps       Monthly     R 323.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 4Mbps       Monthly     R 383.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 8Mbps       Monthly     R 546.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 10Mbps       Monthly     R 606.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 20Mbps       Monthly     R 1,103.00          
Premium ADSL Uncapped 40Mbps       Monthly     R 1,530.00          
ADSL Premium Plus Uncapped                         
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 1Mbps       Monthly     R 342.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 2Mbps       Monthly     R 476.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 4Mbps       Monthly     R 692.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 8Mbps       Monthly     R 983.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 10Mbps       Monthly     R 1,052.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 20Mbps       Monthly     R 2,015.00          
ADSL Uncapped Premium Plus 40Mbps       Monthly     R 2,375.00          
DSL Lines                        
ADSL Line up to 2Mbps       Monthly     R 190.00          
ADSL Line up to 4Mbps       Monthly     R 353.00          
ADSL Line up to 10Mbps       Monthly     R 497.00          
VDSL Line up to 20Mbps       Monthly     R 533.00          
VDSL Line up to 40Mbps       Monthly     R 665.00          
ADSL Line up to 1Mbps       Monthly     R 77.00          
ADSL Line up to 8Mbps       Monthly     R 449.00          
Premium Uncapped Combos                        
Premium Uncapped Combo 1Mbps       Monthly     R 251.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 2Mbps       Monthly     R 488.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 4Mbps       Monthly     R 599.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 10Mbps       Monthly     R 959.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 20Mbps       Monthly     R 1,067.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 40Mbps       Monthly     R 2,039.00          
Premium Uncapped Combo 8Mbps       Monthly     R 839.00          

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