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Self-Managed Servers

(Month to month in advance on debit order with 30 days notice)

Are you looking for a safe environment, where your uptime is 99% guaranteed, your backups are done for you and you can simply work from any PC in the world, even if yours has crashed or has been stolen?

Welcome to our remote desktop cloud hosting solution.

There is a once off setup fee, comprising of the physical setup of your dedicated server plus installing your software (you need to provide legal software). From there on, there is a monthly commitment. You can add extra users for your server for a mere R155 pm.

There are 3 main options, although certain customizations are available:

NeoServ Plus
Xeon E5 32GB 1TB Svr 2016/9
R895 setup
monthly contract
4 TB traffic *
Intel Xeon E5-1620 3.5GHz
2 x 1TB SATA HDD enterprise-class disk
single power supply
Software RAID 1
NeoServ Commerce
Xeon E5 64GB 1TB Svr 2016/9
R1195 setup
monthly contract
6 TB traffic *
Intel Xeon E5-2620 2.4GHz
3 x 1TB SATA HDD enterprise-class disk
dual hotswap power supply
H/Ware RAID 5 (battery backup)

Traffic over-usage will be charged at 80c per GB

1 hour setupIPv4 /29 networkremote managementintelligent climate control
monthly contractrecursive DNS serverenterprise-class hardware24/7 hardware support
choice of OS, incl. Windowsdisk flexibility100 Mbps connectionrescue system
full root/administrator accessDDoS protection & mitigationJuniper backbone technologymulti-homed
50 GB FTP backupredundant (A+B) power feed99.9% uptime guarantee90min hardware swap

Optional extras

ItemMonthly Cost
Windows Server Standardincluded above
Windows Server DatacenterR 3895
Windows Remote Desktop Services LicenseR 155
SSD 240GB (Small)R 255
SSD 480GB (Medium)R 450
SSD 1TB (Large)R 825
16GB memory moduleR 299
32GB memory moduleR 754
add 1 TB drive ((R255 once off installation)R 150
add 2 TB drive (R255 once off installation)R 240
add 4 TB drive (R255 once off installation)R 450

3rd party software like MS Office, Pastel etc must be provided by the client or we can arrange pricing if not available.

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